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We have partnered with other companies that offer products and services to help the professional driver.

What We Offer

Short Term Liability &

Physical Damage Coverage


Minimum Limit 72 Hour Insurance Coverage


Liability Limit:$60,000 Combined single limit or applicable personal use statutory minimum limit.

Physical Damage: The lesser of $100,000 or ACV per covered vehicle subject to a $1,000. per occurrence deductible.

Cost: $166.00 per power unit.
Driver must show proof of two years class A driving experience

Occupational Accident Insurance



Occupational Accident Insurance provides benefits for work injurers where the beneficiary of the insurance coverage is an independent contractor and is not legally required to be covered by workers' compensation insurance. This is not a substitute for workers' compensation insurance.

The basic plan without Contingent Liability Coverage does

not protect the employer if the owner-operator or contract driver

is deemed to be an employee in accordance with

applicable State law.


Contingent Liability, which will pay on the employer's behalf, benefits of workers compensation if an owner-operator or contract drives is deemed to be an employee can be added to most occupational accident contracts as an optional coverage

Long Haul Truckers


Transfers coverage for auto liability insurance from the Motor Carrier to the Owner of the Tractor. A permanent lease (30 days or more) is a requirement for coverage under any of the contingent auto liability policies The motor carrier lease agreement should define "Dispatch" and the contingent auto liability coverage required. The most common forms are:



Non-Trucking provides auto liability coverage for the personal use of a commercial vehicle
including any trailer attached. Coverage is provided when the commercial vehicle is not under dispatch.



Provides automobile insurance coverage on a commercial vehicle when the truck is not being used to transport freight of any kind. "Bobtail" refers to a tractor when it does not have a trailer attached.


Unladen liability provides auto liability insurance while you are bobtailing or operating your tractor with a trailer attached but not hauling freight.

Workers Compensation Insurance


Workers Compensation Insurance is a State-mandated insurance program that covers lost wages and medical treatment for employees who are hurt on the job. Work Comp also covers services needed to help the employee recover and return to work. State law compliance will vary by State but coverage compliance starts as soon as you hire your first employee.

Dump Trucks

Sand & Gravel Hauling
Road Work


Liability Coverage up to $1,000,000.00
Physical Damage
Motor Truck Cargo
Polution Coverage

Freight Brokers


Freight Forwarders Insurance



This is a very comprehensive insurance program. Not some Excess product with unknown characteristics. You can be sure, by using this program, you have the contractual protection and/or insurance in place to keep you in business if a loss occurs.


U.S. Corporations
Ground Movements
Domestic United States, Canadian Delivery Considered
FMCSA Broker (MC) Forwarder (FF) Registrants


One Policy-Combined Package & Contingent Auto
ISO Coverage Forms
Contingent Auto Liability
Contingent Motor Truck Cargo
Commercial General Liability
Commercial Property
Warehouse Legal Liability
Professional Liability
Monoline Coverage Available
Umbrella/Work Comp
Auto Policy Symbols: 8 & 9


Minimum Deductibles of $1,000 when applicable
Low deductible for electronics and pharmaceuticals
Compliments Motor Carrier Operations that have

FB and or FF Registration

Primary Liability Insurance

Primary - Contingent Auto Liability Insurance

Organized and Efficient

Auto liability insurance pays the amount you must legally pay as damages because of bodily injury or property damage caused by an accident resulting from the ownership, maintenance, or use of a covered auto.

Primary Liability is full-time insurance. Primary liability is required in order to activate and maintain a Motor Carrier authority.

Contingent liability policies are designed to transfer, for a limited period of time, the liability exposure of operating a commercial vehicle from the motor carrier to the owner/operator.

Non-Trucking Liability provides liability coverage while the truck is being operated for personal use outside the scope of the motor carrier's control or direction and with no economic benefit to the owner-operator or the motor carrier.

Unlaned Liability provides liability coverage while the truck is being operated with an attached empty trailer or without any trailer at all, whether dispatched

Bobtail Liability provides liability coverage while the truck is being operated without a trailer attached whether dispatched or not. 

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